The Fan Caste

A weekly podcast that makes fun of pop culture, movies, and video games, as well as making fun of OTHER podcasts that make fun of pop culture, movies, and video games. Clear as mud? Good! They are about as professional as the guys that sell corn dogs at the state fair!

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Starring this gang of idiots:

In no particular order:

Nobody shows up to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.
The greatest non MCU movie you should have heard of. Before Civil War was cool.

Next week, Idris Elba might be in a movie…? I dunno…

Tune in next week, Friday at 8:30 pm (EST), (I mean seriously it’s like plastered everywhere, probably even the post office) and remember, if you listen to this podcast with headphones, odds are, a wasp might not fly into your ear, and sting your tiny brains, you are welcome! That was for free! Not all heroes where capes!