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The Expanse – Season 5 – Episodes 1-3 Review (Spoilers)

Nik and I will discuss the first three episodes of this explosive season 5! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

The Expanse – Season 4 Review Live! I The Expanse Reaction

Season 5 drops this week, and we would like to get you all caught up tonight! Nik Uttam will be joining us of course! #TheExpanse #TheExpanseSeason5 #AmazonPrime

The Expanse Season 3 Review I The Expanse Reaction

Nik and myself are joined by Flayer – X as we review The Expanse Season 3! We are now all caught up! Better late than never! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

The Expanse – Season 2 – Review I The Expanse Reaction

Since you all loved the review of season 1 so much, Nik and I return to break down season 2. This time, Nik takes over setting up season 2. There is however, a very lot to set up in this one! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

The Expanse – Season 1 Review (feat Nik Uttam from The World Class Bullshitters) I The Expanse Scene

Nik and I geek out about The Expanse, and give you compelling reasons to hurry and catch up before Season 5 debuts! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime


Well they may have announced a 6th and final season for The Expanse, but in a world of bad sci-fi shows, we call this a win! Also, it has never stopped this show from succeeding before! Tonight we will delve into the world of the Expanse, and also answer any questions and answers you may have! Join us tonight at 10pm EST! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime