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The Orville | “If The Stars Should Appear” | Spoiler Review

Frank Linx from LIW podcasts joins Phoenix and I, just long enough to get fired from LIW podcasts! This episode contains all the spoilers, so please watch the episode first, then check this out! #TheOrville #SethMcfarlane #Hulu

The Orville | “About A Girl” | Review | Brannon Braga | Penny Johnson Jerald | Halston Sage

This is the episode we been dying to tell you about, because it’s one of the reasons The Orville is better than anything on CBS All Access (Paramount Plus). About a Girl is more Star Trek than actual Star Trek. This episode contains spoilers so be sure to watch the episode first! #TheOrville#SethMcFarlane#Hulu

The Orville | Command Performance | Review

Captain Mercer, and Commander Kelly, run and errand while Kitan is left in command. Who is really minding the store? Adam and Phoenix break down, discuss, and review the episode 102 of The Orville. Spoilers if you have not seen it. Duh! #TheOrville#SethMcfarlane#Hulu

The Orville | “Old Wounds” | Review

The Orville is a great show we want you to watch, even though the pilot is not the strongest episode. Phoenix West and I break down what works, and does not work about the first episode of Seth McFarlane’s Star Trek inspired science fiction comedy drama! #TheOrville#SethMcFarlane