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The Fantastic Four (1994) | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Roger Corman | Live Reactions

The Fabulous Four members of Raiders of The Lost Flicks live reviews The Fantastic Four (1994), A movie so low budget it didn’t even make it to theaters. Does this so low it may as well be porn budget, mean it’s a bad movie? Tune in Friday, April 2, and 9pm EST and find out! We will of course have another valuable public service message for you too! #TheFantasticFour#RogerCorman#Marvel

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Forbidden World | Watch & Review | Roger Corman

The gang of talented idiots returns to review this Roger Corman Alien knock off that abandon’s the expensive H.R. Geiger special effects for some gratuitous nudity instead! You picked it, we will watch and review it! Don’t forget to vote for our scores and reactions on http://www.raidersofthelostflicks.com! #RogerCorman #ForbiddenWorld #80sCheese

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