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Cynthia Rothrock has become one of our favorite action heroes on Raiders of the Lost Flicks live! Honor and Glory, features two lovely martial artists, scene chewing villains, and convoluted plots. Seems par for the course right? Well, this one also has an Eddie Murphy doppelganger, and we are not even kidding! Rifftrax first discovered this, so you KNOW what you are getting into! Come watch the movie with us, and make fun of us too. We love it! #CynthiaRothrock


One crazy eyed cartoonish villain. One cute martial arts expert. Four guys who love bad movies. We all have a bit of a crush on Cynthia Rothrock, and no that is NOT a Flintstones character! Friday nights are all about the cheese! Join the panel of Raiders, and we watch, riff, and review this movie together. As always you can interact with us live in the chat, vote for an audience score, or just catch us on the playback! See you there! #Undefeatable #CynthiaRothrock

Use this link to watch Undefeatabel: https://youtu.be/omCEXeEsS9I