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LET’S CANCEL CANCEL CULTURE!!! (Freedom of Speech, George Orwell, Parler, Facebook)

If you are tired of being censored for having opinions, or been found guilty of “thought crimes” in the past four years, you don’t want to miss this stream tonight at 10pm EST!!! #censorship #cancelcancelculture

I AM BEING CANCELLED?! (Cancel culture, George Orwell, rant, Parler, and Facebook.)

Well I predicted this would happen. It’s not just politics, now just describing characters in a movie will get you flagged for “hate speech”. As of October, all opinions are just hate speech. I now have warnings on my Facebook, and YouTube. Others with bigger audiences are also being flagged by big tech. I can’t even make this shit up. Tune in tonight at 10pm EST, to find out what is happening to me, and where I have been since last weekend, and the last month in general.