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In the tradition of Porky’s, Hot Dog The Movie, and Police Academy, this raunchy 80s comedy follows Russel Proco who has been kicked out of multiple universities for having sex with multiple co-eds. In a desperate attempt to improve his life, he decides to enroll in a burger college. This is the first time we have watched a raunchy comedy on this channel. We have reviewed this movie before, however, we never watched it live. To be different this time, our fellow Raiders will be eating our favorite hamburgers during the viewing. We encourage you to do the same! Remember to vote for your score on the official website listed below! Let’s celebrate the glory of hamburgers together! #HamburgerTheMotionPicture #80sCheese


In the 80’s the only hope for humanity was Charlie Sheen. Seriously though, this revenge/sci-fi/horror hybrid from the 80s, like the tricked out Dodge in the poster, has a lot more to offer below it’s visual surface. How does it hold up? Join, Adam, Pete, Alex, and Nik as they watch riff, and discuss this lost classic! Join us live, and chat with us, we will even let you review the movie too! #TheWraith #80sCheese

Watch with us here: https://youtu.be/7cJK9334fM0


After 2 weeks of family friendly entertainment, we have decided to bring back what you love best, which is boobs, bullets, and bikinis! This Andy Sidaris joint has at least 2 pairs of boobs in the first 12 minutes. The audience wants, what the audience wants! Join us live 7/24/2020 at 8:30pm as we watch, riff, and review this 1993 action film which stars Dona Speir, one of our favorite action heart throbs. As Alex says, this series is “progressive”! In this one an international arms dealer is out to retrieve a stolen nuclear relay hidden in a jae Buddah figurine. It’s up to the ladies of “L.E.T.H.A.L” (aka Molokai Cargo) to stop the bad guys.

#HardHunted #80sCheese


The ghost of Bruce Lee helps a random teenager to get laid. No, really! This Karate Kid Knock off focuses more on the fighting stuff, and training montages rather than pesky character developement. The rest of the movie is just a series of scenes that happen. Also it’s full of so much 80’s cheese, you might overdose! Jean Claud Van Damme shows up as a discount Ivan Drago. There is also a counterfit Bruce Lee in this movie, which is about as exciting as having an uncle that dresses up as a mall Santa at a family Christmas Party.

Watch the movie with us live with us, as we riff the crap out of it, then review it! We will let you chat with us, and even score the movie yourself! Raiders of the Lost Flicks live keeps the past alive!

#NoRetreatNoSurrender #80sCheese


We nailed that 500 subscriber milestone this week, and we have been celebrating all week. Now we want to celebrate with you! The festivities start on Friday, and continue with a bonus show on Saturday! Adam loved this movie as a kid, because he thought it was the coolest movie ever. After he got older, he realized like a lot of us, maybe it hasn’t aged well, and now we love because of how absolutely cheesy as hell this is. THIS IS THE 80s action hero formula. Bad one liners, rediculous stunts, cartoonish villains… We have been wanting to do this one for a very long time. Well not, it is on YouTube, so you can watch along if you don’t already have a copy! As always, we will let you vote on the cheese curd scale online! We know you miss these types of movies, so don’t miss out watching this one with us!!!

#Commando #ArnoldSchwarzenegger

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