Our current staff of somewhat talented idiots.

Adam M. Wilcox (Site Owner)

Adam M. Wilcox, is a former Journalist. He served in the United States Navy, worked on multiple college newspapers in the arts and entertainment field. He spent many years in retail management including 7 years and a GameStop Store Manager. He is currently the owner of Raiders of the Lost, and is a YouTuber.

Dionisio “The Don” Traverso Jr (Editor In Chief)

His love for bad movies is only shadowed by his passion for writing reviews about them.

Shae Konnit (Webmaster)

Shae is a blogger, staff writer, critic and currently the Administrator, and designer of Raiders of the Lost

Arnór Hermannsson Wikström (Author)

Arnór is a school teacher, musician, movie critic, arist, and ANTICHRISTIAN ICELANDIC HEATHEN BASTARD!

Brian Smith (Author)

Brian is a devout gamer, movie critic, and store manager of CPR Cell Phone Repair.

Sarah Sati Ghrimm (Community Manager)

Sati is a D.J., and is manager of Raiders of the Lost Flicks social networks.