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Open invitation to all writers, artists, and content creators.

Effective immediately, is disbanding it’s traditional staff, and opening our site to the general public! Why would we do this? Simple, everyone on staff is committed to bringing quality entertainment, but for now, time, and availability is the enemy. Everyone can bang out an article once in a while, but none of us have enough time to devote ourselves enough to produce daily or even weekly content, but most of us can write an occasional article. So we would like to reach out to our fans, content creators, and fellow YouTubers, to have something published, and use our site to plug your channels, podcasts, blogs, or whatever.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us here, or direct message us on twitter @OfTheLostFlicks, we also have an email set up

Our criteria is pretty simple. Language is fine, but please no racism, or homophobia. We prefer you include some pictures, or illustrations. Nudity is fine, as long as it isn’t straight up pornography. Please write more than one paragraph, and please spell check before submitting. We will gladly feature whatever you submit, followed by a bio of who you are, and what ever you want to plug! Short stories, cartoons, drawings, whatever you wanna show off on the internet! Thanks in advance, and look forward to hearing from you! Have a groovy day!


Adam (“The Groovinator”) Wilcox. Owner of

Adam M. Wilcox (Site Owner)

Adam M. Wilcox, is a former Journalist. He served in the United States Navy, worked on multiple college newspapers in the arts and entertainment field. He spent many years in retail management including 7 years and a GameStop Store Manager. He is currently the owner of Raiders of the Lost, and is a YouTuber.

Dionisio “The Don” Traverso Jr (Editor In Chief)

His love for bad movies is only shadowed by his passion for writing reviews about them.

Monica J (Community Manager)

Monica J is an avid comic book fan, who’s absolute favorite is Spider-Man! But let’s not downplay her fondness for Captain America, and his superhero bestie; Bucky Barnes (who she’s cos played as in his Winter Soldier attire). Monica is the Co-Host of “The Place To Be Reviews” podcast, and is also a sponsored brand ambassador for Bucked Up nutritional supplements; and she’s equally comfortable talking about dumbbells as she is ballet or Detroit Tigers baseball.