Our current staff of somewhat talented idiots.

Adam M. Wilcox (Site Owner)

Adam M. Wilcox, is a former Journalist. He served in the United States Navy, worked on multiple college newspapers in the arts and entertainment field. He spent many years in retail management including 7 years and a GameStop Store Manager. He is currently the owner of Raiders of the Lost, and is a YouTuber.

Dionisio “The Don” Traverso Jr (Editor In Chief)

His love for bad movies is only shadowed by his passion for writing reviews about them.

Shae Konnit (Webmaster)

Shae is a blogger, staff writer, critic and currently the Administrator, and designer of Raiders of the Lost

Arnór Hermannsson Wikström (Author)

Arnór is a school teacher, musician, movie critic, arist, and ANTICHRISTIAN ICELANDIC HEATHEN BASTARD!

Brian Smith (Author)

Comic book fan. Video game fan. Television fan. Movie fan. No nonsense critic of all.


Reality’s Frank (Author/YouTube Moderator)

“I started out at the bottom; I was born a poor black child.”
Reality’s Frank is a self described “bad movie masochist.”  Idolizing B-movie schlock such as “Manos the Hands of Fate” and “Turkish Spider-Man,” Frank is always ready, willing, and able to sit through the worst of the worst with a giant grin on his face and a review brewing in his mind.  Regularly appearing on The WCBS Fan Caste, Frank’s bizarre sense of humor has left many scratching their heads wondering if he was serious or genuinely insane.  The jury is still out.

Sarah Sati Ghrimm (Community Manager)

Sati is a D.J., and is manager of Raiders of the Lost Flicks social networks.

Tom Stacy (Cartoonist)

Proud father, and whimsical optimist. Tom is the author, and illustrator of Knobsville, U.S.A.