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Forbidden World | Watch & Review | Roger Corman

The gang of talented idiots returns to review this Roger Corman Alien knock off that abandon’s the expensive H.R. Geiger special effects for some gratuitous nudity instead! You picked it, we will watch and review it! Don’t forget to vote for our scores and reactions on! #RogerCorman #ForbiddenWorld #80sCheese

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The Orville | Command Performance | Review

Captain Mercer, and Commander Kelly, run and errand while Kitan is left in command. Who is really minding the store? Adam and Phoenix break down, discuss, and review the episode 102 of The Orville. Spoilers if you have not seen it. Duh! #TheOrville#SethMcfarlane#Hulu

John Carpenter’s Dark Star Movie Review

Taken from LIW’s John Carpenter’s Podcast. This is our review of John Carpenter’s first movie, which is a student film that got a limited theatrical release. #DarkStar#JohnCarpenter#Scifi

The Orville | “Old Wounds” | Review

The Orville is a great show we want you to watch, even though the pilot is not the strongest episode. Phoenix West and I break down what works, and does not work about the first episode of Seth McFarlane’s Star Trek inspired science fiction comedy drama! #TheOrville#SethMcFarlane

LIW The Twilight Zone Review – 220-221 – Seven Days In May (1964) Planet Of The Apes (1968)

Join me live tonight with @LIWtheTZReview as we review two movies written by Rod Serling. 10 pm EST #TheTwilightZone#ThePlanetOfTheApes

The Expanse Reaction I Season 5 Finale I Chrisjen Avasarala I Protomolecule

Join us live for this special The Expanse Reaction!!! Watch it live with us, as we discuss Chrisjen Avasarala, The Protomolecule, Amos Burton, James Holden, Naomi, and the rest of the Rosinate Crew during the Season 5 finale. At the end of the evening, we will give away The Expanse Artbook to the best question of the night. Do not miss this special live event tonight at 9pm EST! #ScreamingFirehawks#TheExpanse#TheExpanseSeason5

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The Expanse Season 5 Reaction – “Winnipesaukee” – Spoiler Review I The Expanse Reaction

The Expanse 509 picks up the pace as Amos and the Baltimore gang try to get off Earth! Catch up with season 5, episode 9, and join us at 10pm EST, for episode analysis, reactions, reviews, and discussion! #ScreamingFirehawks #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

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LIW The Twilight Zone Review – 214-215 – The Time Element & Twilight Zone Movie (1983)

The Triumphant return of The LIW Twilight Zone Review, whom I’ve had the pleasure of being a panel member of happens tonight at 10pm EST!🚪❤📼 #TheTwilightZone #TheTwilightZoneMovie

The Expanse Season 5 Reaction – “Hard Vacuum” – Spoiler Review I The Expanse Reaction

A lot of set up, and strange tones in this one. Tonight we will try to break it all down for you best we can 10pm, EST! #ScreamingFirehawks#TheExpanse#AmazonPrime

Missing In Action 2 – Bad Movie Watch & Review!!! I VHS Movies Violence

The Raiders of the Lost Flicks team up with Loitering In Wonderland to watch some big fat Chuck Norris style Cannon Film Action Cheese! Join us 1/15/21, watch the movie and have a few laughs with us! #CannonFilms#ChuckNorris#MissingInAction2