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Cynthia Rothrock has become one of our favorite action heroes on Raiders of the Lost Flicks live! Honor and Glory, features two lovely martial artists, scene chewing villains, and convoluted plots. Seems par for the course right? Well, this one also has an Eddie Murphy doppelganger, and we are not even kidding! Rifftrax first discovered this, so you KNOW what you are getting into! Come watch the movie with us, and make fun of us too. We love it! #CynthiaRothrock


This is the one that started them all! We have never watched the Andy Sidaris collection in order so why start now? It is now a tradition to watch a bad movie with our audience on Friday nights, with our audience and then condemn the movie to judgement! Think of it as “game night”! Watch the movie with us, score it, bring your own snacks. Andy Sidaris Progressive!!! #MalibuExpress #AndySidarisMovies


Boobs, and Pat Morita Mr. (Miyagi in The Karate Kid film series) pay attention Daniel Son! We return to the trashy but hilarious cinematic world of Andy Sidaris! Watch the movie, and rate it with us!


A failed made for TV movie, and a once failed Watch & Review, that is getting a second chance. Once upon a time, this was a public domain movie. So we triedto show this once on our channel, and the stream was taken down, and we wound up showing a different movie. Apparently this was once public domain, and the my sources were expired. We still want to do this one, but we will do it the old fashioned way, which is everyone will watch it in separate windows…just to be safe! Richard Hatch (original Battlestar Galactica) is the hero, and John Saxon (A Nightmare on Elm Street) is the villain!

#PrisonersOfTheLostUniverse #80sCheese


In the tradition of Porky’s, Hot Dog The Movie, and Police Academy, this raunchy 80s comedy follows Russel Proco who has been kicked out of multiple universities for having sex with multiple co-eds. In a desperate attempt to improve his life, he decides to enroll in a burger college. This is the first time we have watched a raunchy comedy on this channel. We have reviewed this movie before, however, we never watched it live. To be different this time, our fellow Raiders will be eating our favorite hamburgers during the viewing. We encourage you to do the same! Remember to vote for your score on the official website listed below! Let’s celebrate the glory of hamburgers together! #HamburgerTheMotionPicture #80sCheese

LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone – “The Obsolete Man”, and “Night Call”

So now that we are finally done with the inferior remake, let’s get back to the classics! In the first episode, we discuss and review the LIW Twilight Zone Review Twitter Bracket Challenge Winner: “The Obsolete Man”. In the second episode, (That’s right we record two episodes of a 1 hour podcast. We are providing visuals. You are welcome!) we are back to where we left off before we took a break to review Jordan Peel’s Twitter Zone. “Night Call” is about getting mysterious calls from a dead line. Even the dead are trying to reach you about your expired warranty. Did you remember to change your calling plan in the late 90s?


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In the 80’s the only hope for humanity was Charlie Sheen. Seriously though, this revenge/sci-fi/horror hybrid from the 80s, like the tricked out Dodge in the poster, has a lot more to offer below it’s visual surface. How does it hold up? Join, Adam, Pete, Alex, and Nik as they watch riff, and discuss this lost classic! Join us live, and chat with us, we will even let you review the movie too! #TheWraith #80sCheese

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Wolfcop – Raiders of the Lost Flicks Live!!!

So many bad movies never give you whats on the poster or the box. This one totally does. There is a werewolf wearing a cop uniform in this movie! Join Adam, Nik, Alex, and the triumphant return of Pete, and we watch, roast, and review this film live! Don’t forget to go to Raiders of the Lost Flicks .com to vote for your score!!! #WolfCop #BadMovies

LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 9, and 10 Review!!!

In this episode we review the final two episodes of season 2. Phoenix West, Frank Links, Jansen Carlin, and Adam Wilcox will either rip these episodes to shreds, or sing them praise. Or they might all die in the Twitter Zone! #TheTwilightZone

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