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Battle Queen 2020 – Bad Movie Watch & Review!!!

As we slowly come to the end of 2020, it is only fitting that we should deliver a movie that stars Julie Strain’s boobs in the year 2020! Watch the movie with us, crack jokes and make fun of us while we review this low grade sci-fi action cheese! #JulieStrain #BattleQueen2020


Watch-ch-ch-ch a Friday The 13th movie on Friday The 13?! This was a lay up! Join us Friday The 13th at 8:30 pm EST, as we celebrate the man behind the mask! This will be different from our usual program. The movie is not available on YouTube, so you will have to rent or find a copy to join us. It is available to Amazon Prime owners, otherwise, buy or rent. Whatever floats your boat before Jason jumps out of the lake and kills you! #FridayThe13th


We finish out horror movie month with the number one reason why you shouldn’t ever buy used furniture. Especially mattresses! Come watch the Raiders of the Lost Flicks live as we watch, discuss, and review this bigger budget horror classic!!! #HellboundHellraiserII


Last week’s Halloween 5 is a bad movie even for people who love to watch bad movies. Sorry about that… Much like Halloween (2018) retconned it’s entire franchise for the third or fourth time (we lost track), we are hoping 1987’s Hellraiser will retcon the stink of Halloween 5 off of our channel forever! We continue our Halloween celebration with a very strange movie that is a confusing wonder of achievements. The plot might not always make sense, but the practical gore effects are pretty impressive for a guy’s first feature length movie! Join Adam’s Raiders Friday, October 23, at 8:30pm (EST) for live commentary, and review of the film. Don’t forget to vote at! or WE WILL TEAR YOUR SOUL APART! #Hellraiser


Last week we watched the one that was supposed to reset the franchise (for the first time at least), and we got some surprisingly mixed reviews from our audience. Can’t wait to see what they have to say about THIS one! Come watch the movie with us this Friday at 8:30pm (EST), and vote for your score on! LIW Anthology Podcasts’ Dick Dickette will be joining us once again! #Halloween5


For the month of October we are doing only horror movies. Halloween 3 is amazing, but a lot of people did not appreciate the departure from the core story which involves a mad man stalking baby sitters on Halloween. Halloween 4 is supposed to be the movie that brought it back to it’s roots to make the fans happy in a world where Freddy, and Jason were hogging up the screens of scream! Has it held up as well as we remember? Come join us and find out! Featuring special guest Dick Dickette from LIW Anthology Podcasts! #Halloween #Halloween4

L.E.T.H.A.L Return To Savage Beach – Watch & Review!!! ( Andy Sidaris, Julie Strain)

Last time we watched the first movie in The Andy Sidaris Cinematic Universe (ASCU), and this one was the last one. (Though there are still a couple from The Andy Sidaris Collection we haven’t screened here yet, so patience grasshoppers!) You have probably had a rough week like some of us, so kick back, and watch a cheesy movie with us, and watch Pete, Alex, Gene, Nik, and myself sentence it to judgement. Doesn’t cost you anything but a couple hours of your time! Donna Spier is not in this one, but thankfully we DO have Julie Strain. One can never get too much Julie Strain. Ever. #AndySidaris


Cynthia Rothrock has become one of our favorite action heroes on Raiders of the Lost Flicks live! Honor and Glory, features two lovely martial artists, scene chewing villains, and convoluted plots. Seems par for the course right? Well, this one also has an Eddie Murphy doppelganger, and we are not even kidding! Rifftrax first discovered this, so you KNOW what you are getting into! Come watch the movie with us, and make fun of us too. We love it! #CynthiaRothrock


This is the one that started them all! We have never watched the Andy Sidaris collection in order so why start now? It is now a tradition to watch a bad movie with our audience on Friday nights, with our audience and then condemn the movie to judgement! Think of it as “game night”! Watch the movie with us, score it, bring your own snacks. Andy Sidaris Progressive!!! #MalibuExpress #AndySidarisMovies