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The ghost of Bruce Lee helps a random teenager to get laid. No, really! This Karate Kid Knock off focuses more on the fighting stuff, and training montages rather than pesky character developement. The rest of the movie is just a series of scenes that happen. Also it’s full of so much 80’s cheese, you might overdose! Jean Claud Van Damme shows up as a discount Ivan Drago. There is also a counterfit Bruce Lee in this movie, which is about as exciting as having an uncle that dresses up as a mall Santa at a family Christmas Party.

Watch the movie with us live with us, as we riff the crap out of it, then review it! We will let you chat with us, and even score the movie yourself! Raiders of the Lost Flicks live keeps the past alive!

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LIW Studios Presents – Tales From The Crypt – Episode 406 – “What’s Cookin'”

This was kind of impromptu. Loitering In Wonderland podcasts talks about an old episode of Tales From The Crytp. Is it great, or awful, there never seems to be a middle… #TalesFromTheCrypt

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LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 3, and 4 Review!!!

Between the dreaded Season 5 of classic Twilight Zone, and the ENTIRETY of the 2019 series, it seems like everyone is being driven to the brink of insanity. Enter two teams of reviewers who can’t seem to agree on anything. Phoenix and Frank, Vs Jansen and Adam. Will they all agree, be divided again, or are we actually crossing into another dimention of our own making? Don’t miss the next episode, as we review Twilight Zone (2019), Episodes 3, “The Who of You”, and Episode 4: “Ovation”. Tune in Tuesday at 10pm (EST) to find out! These episodes are full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you been warned. You can also marathon the entire series rather easily during the 7 day trial. (nudge nudge… wink wink…)

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GUNS (1990) – WATCH & REVIEW!!!

No this is not the one with Harry Potter, this is the one with Eric Estrada! Last week we promised our guest and collegue, Flayer X, that he would pick out the next movie, and he has brought us back to our Andy Sidaris! As always, watch the movie with us, score it, and do all of that with us live, Friday night 8:30PM (EST). You provide your own snacks, we’ll provide you the entertainment! #AndySidaris #Guns

LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 Review!!!

It’s come to this…the NEW Twilight Zone. Join us as we review the first two episodes of season 2 of Jordan Peel’s Twitter Zone. Is it all terrible? Tune in and find out! #TheTwilightZone

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Starting this weekend we will start having some of our regulars as guests on the show, and we will let them pick the movie!!! Starting this week, our guest will be our favorite Wrench Wench, Keely Chow, and we will be watching this 1995 movie called Black Scorpion which I know nothing about, but it’s not Black Christmas, so how bad can it be? Well, tune in Friday at 8:30pm (EST) and find out! #BlackScorpion

LIW Studios Presents: Black Leather Jackasses!

You Can Never Go Back! Sometimes we see those old TV shows through rose colored glasses. Do they hold up as well now, as they did years ago when you first saw them? Tonight Loiterning In Wonderland podcasts will explore Tales From The Crypt, Episode: 614; “99 & 44/100% Pure Horror”, and Twilight Zone Episode 518: “Black Leather Jackets”. Will Frank, Phoenix, Jansen, and Adam all agree, or will these jackasses argue about why these are great, or why they suck? Who knows? Tune in to find out! #TalesFromTheCrypt #TheTwilightZone

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We nailed that 500 subscriber milestone this week, and we have been celebrating all week. Now we want to celebrate with you! The festivities start on Friday, and continue with a bonus show on Saturday! Adam loved this movie as a kid, because he thought it was the coolest movie ever. After he got older, he realized like a lot of us, maybe it hasn’t aged well, and now we love because of how absolutely cheesy as hell this is. THIS IS THE 80s action hero formula. Bad one liners, rediculous stunts, cartoonish villains… We have been wanting to do this one for a very long time. Well not, it is on YouTube, so you can watch along if you don’t already have a copy! As always, we will let you vote on the cheese curd scale online! We know you miss these types of movies, so don’t miss out watching this one with us!!!

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LIW Studios Presents: Twilight Zone Double Review!!!

Phoenix, Frank, Jansen, and Adam take a week off from Tales From The Crypt, to try and finish the absolute HELL that is season 5 of The Twilight Zone. Is it all that bad? Find out this week as we will be reviewing Episode 516: “The Self Improvement of Salvador Ross”, and 517: “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”! #TheTwilightZone Loitering In Wonderland: Raiders of the Lost Flicks: