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New Dune will be at least two films according to director!

by Adam M. Wilcox

Dune has officially started shooting, and will take place over at least two films according to director Denis Villeneuve as quoted on Today according to an article written by Scott Snowden on, Brian Herbert, son of Dune author Frank Herbert posted on twitter that principal filming has started.

For those of us were are old enough to remember what a mess the David Lynch version of Dune in 1984 was, this comes as exciting news. To be fair, the 1984 film could not be blamed on David Lynch, it was originally the passion project of surreal director Alejandro Jodorowsky who was jettisoned from the project due to creative differences with the studio. Lynch was the pinch hitter, who had to make what he could out of it. The harshest problem with the 1984 film is that it tries to tell too much story in one movie. Also, it took creative liberties with technology in order to invent clever special effects. The movie looked amazing, but made absolutely no sense.

The Dune mini series in 2000, didn’t have that big budget movie quality of production, but at least they got the story right.

For those of us who didn’t read the book, there was Dune (TV Mini-Series) which aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (Not SYFY) back in 2000. It might not have had the production level of the 1984 film, it looked more like the first season of the original Star Trek, but it was more faithful to the book, and had some decent performances. Most importantly, the story was simple to follow.

This new Dune adaptation is showing some exciting promise, with a director that has already demonstrated that he can respect the source material of an exciting property (Blade Runner 2049), and prioritized story over spectacle (Arrival). It also has a cast that we are all super excited about like Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem, and
Stellan Skarsgård as the megalomaniac Baron Harkonnen.

Dune has inspired so much fantasy and art over the years, it is incredible that Hollywood, has never been able to match production value, with good story telling at the same time.

The most exciting news is that the movie WILL be split into at least two films according to Denis Villeneuve so that the original story would be “preserved and not cut into a million pieces.” We like that idea!

The original Dune was written in 1965 by Frank Herbert, who wrote six novel in the series. His son Brian Herbert, along with Kevin J. Anderson, co authored another 26. If they finally get it right this time, there could be a long franchise of Dune movies ahead of us. Lets home that none of them suck this time! We have faith that Denis Villeneuve will get it right this time. Let’s hope the audiences are as into it as we are!

There is at least THIS much potential for a franchise here, as long as they make these first two count.


by Adam M. Wilcox

If you haven’t seen the cyberpunk classic Hardware, seriously, what are you doing with your life? Since being thrown off the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau famously by Hollywood bullies, Hardware director, Richard Stanley has kept a relatively low profile. Three years ago Elijah Wood’s indie-horror production company SpectreVision announced that Stanley had been tapped to direct the father of modern horror , H.P. Lovecraft’s adaption of “The Colour Out of Space.” Little has been heard until a recent interview with Birth.Movies.Death in support of the horror film Mandy starring Nicholas Cage. SpectreVision’s Cofounder Josh C. Waller has confirmed that the project is still a go. “It’s moving along,” said Waller. “We announced that we were going to be doing it, what, three years ago? Let’s just say that we’re getting a lot closer. Significantly closer. Like, it’s coming up, so I will be busy with Richard on set with that sometime in the near future.”

“He got a bad rep because of what happened on Moreau,” said Waller in the interview, “and to me, Moreau is nothing more than an example of bad producing. It’s not his fault, what happened there, and when you watch [David Gregory’s Moreau documentary] Lost Soul, you’re like, ‘You f—ing assholes, throwing him under the bus!’ It was an opportunity for some experienced producers and studio execs to work with a gifted young filmmaker, and help cradle him into the next phase of his career — not to be like, ‘Huh, why does this little gifted indie filmmaker not know how to handle all this money and all this pressure?’ It’s like, ‘Well, of course he f—in’ doesn’t know how to handle this s—. He’s never done this before.’ You’ve got to nurture, and it hurt him for many years.”