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Alita: Battle Angel

by Brian Smith

Yup I’m getting to show a bit this week. Another review.

Alita: Battle Angel, the movie we didn’t know we wanted.

So there’s a lot of actors in this movie I’m not familiar with but that didn’t stop this movie from performing one bit.
This is an anime brought to life and done awesome, from the CG to the action. The characters were good and acting was phenomenal with one exception, the beautiful Jennifer Connelly. She was dry and it was really hard to pin point how her character was feeling or what drove her motive. She felt like an odd backdrop with no definitive role. This falls into the lackluster story that had me very confused more than once and seemed to change as went but never explains a lot all. It has flashback memory scenes for the all the good that does and a villain we never understand. From his motives to his story we have no clue what drives him, we aren’t even given a hint. I’m really hoping this is setting up for a trilogy and will actually explain something in the next movie because if it doesn’t the movie failed at doing its primary job, storytelling. The things it did right were done superb, the special effects were amazing, the acting was more than impressive and the action was great. This movie had more heart than other movies recently released that shall remain nameless. This movie over all was a real life anime action movie that was very impressively done. It’s a huge challenge to successfully bring an anime style movie to life as Ghost in a shell failed miserably. The story fell way short but if sequels are in the future then I understand why this was done. Overall I liked it, not the best movie this year but the best I’ve seen so far 8/10

Captain Marvel

by Brian Smith

Review time. I’m going to make this spoiler free short and not so sweet.
I wanted this movie to be good despite it’s annoying lead Brie Larson. She had a shit eating grin on her face though the whole movie and was very robotic. Samuel Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury but more like his weak ass brother Mick Delight. This character seemed liked a completely different person for no good reason. It’s like if we take Freddy Kruger and make his younger self an award winning daycare teacher who loves children, it makes 0 sense. Then there is a part of this movie that isn’t explained and doesn’t try to, so just accept it. The soundtrack wasn’t as bad as Aquamans but there was one big fight scene with the song “I’m just a girl” by No doubt that left me scratching my head. I was really hoping this would have something to do with Avengers a little more and it fell flat with that too. With bad acting and basic storytelling its absolutely the weakest Marvel movie to date and (God bless his soul) they couldn’t even do a good Stan Lee Cameo in a movie dedicated to him. This movie was NOT the worst I’ve seen but extremely disappointing. A 4/10


by Brian Smith

So Venom is my favorite Marvel character and I say character not hero for a reason. That said I attempted to go and see this with mild expectations. Tom Hardy does well as this version of Eddy Brock and the supporting cast was equally on point.

The relationship between Venom and Brock was priceless. The comedy in this movie was great and not too over the top. I thought the movie started slow as if it wanted to build characters but it felt dry and wasted. When the action picks up it almost doesn’t stop and it’s done well. The CG could have been better but if it’s that’s my biggest complaint, it’s safe to say it’s one of few. I have been cursed with the last 3 movies I have seen to become confused by one scene and this is no exception. I’m not about spoilers so at this time I wont say what scene but it’s involves the story.

I also felt the trailers really pointed us in a direction the movie didn’t go so I was disappointed with that. All in all I loved this movie and will be back in the theater to see it again and buy it digitally 9/10 for me!


by Brian Smith

Ok so here’s my review of this very B horror movie. 
This movie is about a psychotic mute clown with unknown origin. He tries so hard to be a funny psycho but falls short. There’s a lot of late entry characters that left me scratching my head and wondering why they weren’t at least planted earlier to be expected later. The gore is great and kills seem to be good with the exception of one which also had me confused. I wasn’t very entertained with this one and the story wasn’t done well. I give this 4/10.
P.S I think this is a new director/writer so I’m giving him a pass this time.


by Brian Smith

When I review a movie I do a 1-10 system I just want to break this down. I have a high and low for 1-6
1-2 Trash not even worth watching the trailer
3-4 Honestly still not worth the time 
5-6 Terribly done and angers me the movie had higher expectations and failed every way
7-Liked the movie just not worth going back to see or buying it digital maybe watch it twice.
8-Liked the movie done well might go back might buy it digital.
9-Loved the movie might go back buying it digital.
10- Absolutely loved the movie going back buying it digital!

But enough of that…

My spoiler free review:

After procrastinating and debating if this movie was worth my time I decided to go on discount day. This movie starts out running and doesn’t stop. I went in with low to no expectations and to my surprise,I was excited to watch it after the first 15 minutes. Overall story is decent but questionable while it pays tribute to the original movie in many ways. The comedy was appropriate and not too over the top. There was one aspect about this movie that annoyed me to no end because I feel it was lazy writing. Overall I’d give this movie a 7/10 it was good I liked it, but not enough to go back and see it or buy it digital. If I watch this next time, it will be on cable TV.