Author: Adam M. Wilcox

Adam M. Wilcox, is a journalist, website owner, YouTuber, and musician. He served as Arts and Entertainment editor for Joliet Junior College, and Illinois Central Community College. He served two years in the United States Navy, as Command Journalist for the USS Inchon. He managed a GameStop for 7 years, and also sings in an electronic music group, Taro 2.0.

The Shark Is Not Working…

My pitch to Universal about a Jaws movie…



One crazy eyed cartoonish villain. One cute martial arts expert. Four guys who love bad movies. We all have a bit of a crush on Cynthia Rothrock, and no that is NOT a Flintstones character! Friday nights are all about the cheese! Join the panel of Raiders, and we watch, riff, and review this movie together. As always you can interact with us live in the chat, vote for an audience score, or just catch us on the playback! See you there! #Undefeatable #CynthiaRothrock

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LIW Studios Presents: Tales From The Crypt, and The Twilight Zone Reviews!!!

Phoenix, Frank, Jansen, and Adam explore the wonderful world of old episodic TV shows and how well they have held up over the years. Today we will discuss Tales From The Crypt Episode 308: “Easel Kill Ya”, and Twilight Zone Episode 515: “The Long Morrow”. #TalesFromTheCrypt #TheTwilightZone

Loitering In Wonderland: Raiders of the Lost Flicks:


More boobs than last week’s movie! Watch and review this feature with us from the Andy Sideris cinematic boob-verse! There is even a scene where you see boobs in a crashing plane…not even kidding! #SavageBeach#AndySideris#Boobs

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LIW Studios Presents – Nic Cage Cast – “Between Worlds” – Episode 26

Doing what we do best on this channel, reviewing trashy movies, like this Nic Cage movie on Netflix. Watch it first, then watch this video!


Today I finish what I started yesterday because the video was running too long. Can we get a movement started to have the David Lynch cut of Dune 1984 started now? Seems to be the trendy thing now…


A direct big boobie machine gun girl sequel to last week’s big boobie machine gun girl movie!!! Join Adam, Alex, Nik, and Pete as they riff, and review this Andy Sideris Joint packed full of Playboy models. Watch the movie with us live, vote on it, have a great time! #PicassoTrigger #AndySideris