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Adam M. Wilcox, is a journalist, website owner, YouTuber, and musician. He served as Arts and Entertainment editor for Joliet Junior College, and Illinois Central Community College. He served two years in the United States Navy, as Command Journalist for the USS Inchon. He managed a GameStop for 7 years, and also sings in an electronic music group, Taro 2.0.


Well I don’t know why, I guess she didn’t realize that the audience that this movie was marketed towards really don’t spend money on movies.



Adam M. Wilcox
Adam M. Wilcox

Ever had those childhood conversations about how Chuck Norris could beat up Michael Myers? Somebody made that into a movie. Here is a review of one of my childhood favorites!

Altared Carbon: Season 2 Review

Adam M. Wilcox
Adam M. Wilcox
I loved the first season. Watching the second season took a while to get going, but it felt like a completely different writing team took over. It felt like this piece of glass was being shoved into my back.

Altered Carbon short review:

Season 1: Amazeballz! Joel Kiddaman’s acting really impressed me. You could tell this was very expensive to make. Great cyberpunk! The sets would make great paintings that I would hang in my home. It’s a great noire thriller similar to Matrix meets Bladerunner!

Season 2: Woke trash, over reliant on exposition. First they explain what they are going to do. Then they explain what they are doing, and then they explain what they just did.

Women are in charge of absolutley everything because 2020 yo. Most of them are horrible people, so not sure what that is trying to tell us about our future. It gives me mixed signals. Most of the men characters cannot complete a single task without a woman coming in and fixing literally everything. Season 1 was actually more diverse, because men and women held equal positions, and screen time. In this one, all white men are evil. The only two male leads who are Asian, and African American, are allowed to be heroes only when the women tell them it’s ok to do so.

This season was significantly lower in budget. Anthonly Makie does a pretty good job, but if I say that Joel Kiddaman’s performance was better I will probably be branded a racist asshole or something. Which is not fair, because you should not be able to hide poor quality of entertainment behind a shield of race, and genders. The action scenes were ok, but they are sparse when shoved between hours and hours of endless exposition. What ever happened to more show, and less tell?

2 out of 5 cheese curds.

Undecided if I will come back for season 3 at this point. I am not saying no, but I am not saying yes either. I doubt a third season will even happen. Wow science fiction TV is truly awful these days.

I am going to watch The Orville now, and maybe give The Expanse a third chance, because I really miss good science fiction.πŸ˜₯


Adam M. Wilcox
Adam M. Wilcox

Owner and founder of Raiders of the Lost Flicks

My review of this crazy series on Netflix that everyobdy is talking about. Now the memes make sense.


Prequels suck. Period. I wanted more Charlize Theron as Furiosa, not this. When will Hollywood just learn that giving customers what they actually want might make them a lot of money that they obviously need right now?


Why some websites are already attacking a movie that has not come out yet over it’s lack of technology is stupid. I mean, we don’t know that it will be great, but for now, it at least looks good on paper. Do people just not understand escapist entertainment or live in a technological bubble?


The decade of 2010-2019 was mostly dominated by super hero movies, reboots, and sequels. They were not all terrible. These are just five random movies that I have watched multiple times, that I am usually excited to talk about for varied reasons. If I had been a filmaker, these would have been my biggest influences. I been wanting to do this for a while now.


For now, it’s a temporary solition, but businesses never have your best interests at heart, and how much price gouging will take place after big movie studio cuts out the middle persons? For some, it is still a bennefit, but not for everyone. There is really no right or wrong answers here. How do you feel about it?