Author: Adam M. Wilcox

Adam M. Wilcox, is a journalist, website owner, YouTuber, and musician. He served as Arts and Entertainment editor for Joliet Junior College, and Illinois Central Community College. He served two years in the United States Navy, as Command Journalist for the USS Inchon. He managed a GameStop for 7 years, and also sings in an electronic music group, Taro 2.0.

Is Star Wars on the mend? – The Board Room – Episode #3

We discuss some new Star Wars Things that we like. So it is cool to just hate Star Wars now, or can we be happy about something for a change?

We talk about The Mandalorian for a bit, and Sal from Two Cent Toys reviews the new video game Jedi Fallen Order as well as a cool action figure exclusive that came with it.

We also talk about the disillusion of Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Fieg regarding the flop of Charlies Angel’s 2019.

Raiders of the Lost Flicks Live! Episode 1

We make some special announcements regarding the change of our channel content. More movie reviews, less pop culture rants. We discuss the hot topic of the week which is Disney+ streaming launch! We also review Maleficent 2, The Mandelorian, and Midway!

Rian Johnson says F— Star Wars Fans?

With Knives Out on the horizon, the director of the most polarizing Star Wars film in history, is using the press to take shots at the unhappy fans once again…