Month: April 2021

The Room | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Live Reaction

Oh Hai Mark! Pete chose The Room for his birthday this weekend, so that’s what we are watching on my YouTube Channel this Friday 4/16/21 at 9pm EST! There is an edited version of this movie on YouTube, but you don’t have to look hard to get a copy these days. I will leave the Blu-ray link below! #TheRoom #TommyWiseau

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Lifeforce | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Live Reaction | Canon Films

In celebration of my birthday this week, I have chosen a movie I have wanted to watch on my YouTube Channel for a very, very long time! Lifeforce, my favorite Canon Film, is an underappreciated classic! We will be watching the director’s cut, which can be found on Amazon Prime, otherwise I will leave a link to the Shout Factory Blu-Ray below! See you all on 4/9/21 at 9pm EST! #Lifeforce #CanonFilms

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