Month: March 2021

The Fantastic Four (1994) | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Roger Corman | Live Reactions

The Fabulous Four members of Raiders of The Lost Flicks live reviews The Fantastic Four (1994), A movie so low budget it didn’t even make it to theaters. Does this so low it may as well be porn budget, mean it’s a bad movie? Tune in Friday, April 2, and 9pm EST and find out! We will of course have another valuable public service message for you too! #TheFantasticFourโ€‹ #RogerCormanโ€‹ #Marvel

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Next Week’s “Not Quite MCU Edition”

Some of these early Marvel movies never even made it into a theater. Which one do you want to watch with us? Choose only 1!

Shake Hands With Danger (1980) | Trilogy Of Terror (1975) | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Live Reaction

Tonight’s entertainment is a delightfully violent instructional film about work safety, followed by the 1975 classic Trilogy Of Terror. Yes, another Karen Black film, we also sense a pattern! Join us tonight at 9pm EST for the fun! #ShakeHandsWithDangerโ€‹ #TrilogyOfTerrorโ€‹ #70sHorrorโ€‹

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The Orville | “If The Stars Should Appear” | Spoiler Review

Frank Linx from LIW podcasts joins Phoenix and I, just long enough to get fired from LIW podcasts! This episode contains all the spoilers, so please watch the episode first, then check this out! #TheOrville #SethMcfarlane #Hulu

Atomic Attack | Live Reaction | Instructional | Public Domain Movies | Coronet Films | Reaction

Hilarious live reaction to 1951 cold war propaganda film! Taken from Bad Movie Watch & Review 3/5/21. #ColdWarโ€‹ #Propagandaโ€‹ #PublicDomainโ€‹ #MovieReactions

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Thought we’d do some classic horror for a change! Hurry though, poll only runs for two days!

Invaders From Mars | Bad Movie Watch & Review | Movie Reaction

Our group of talented idiots watches Tobe Hooper’s 1986 ode to classic B Movie science fiction movies! #InvadersFromMars #TobeHooper #80sSciFi

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John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness | Movie Review | Cosmic Horror | 80s Horror Movie Reviews

Adam recently discussed John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness with the gang during LIW Studios’ John Carpenter Review. The gang tries to explain cosmic horror to Phoenix West. It’s awkward… #JohnCarpenterโ€‹ #PrinceofDarknessโ€‹ #CosmicHorrorโ€‹ LIW Anthology Podcasts are recorded live, and simultaneously broadcast on YouTube on Wednesday nights. Check them out:โ€‹ โ€‹โ€‹

The Orville | “About A Girl” | Review | Brannon Braga | Penny Johnson Jerald | Halston Sage

This is the episode we been dying to tell you about, because it’s one of the reasons The Orville is better than anything on CBS All Access (Paramount Plus). About a Girl is more Star Trek than actual Star Trek. This episode contains spoilers so be sure to watch the episode first! #TheOrvilleโ€‹ #SethMcFarlaneโ€‹ #Hulu