Month: January 2021

Missing In Action 2 – Bad Movie Watch & Review!!! I VHS Movies Violence

The Raiders of the Lost Flicks team up with Loitering In Wonderland to watch some big fat Chuck Norris style Cannon Film Action Cheese! Join us 1/15/21, watch the movie and have a few laughs with us! #CannonFilms#ChuckNorris#MissingInAction2

The Expanse Season 5 – “Oyedeng” – Spoiler Review I The Expanse Reaction I Dominique Tipper

The Rocinante finally goes back into action! Spoiler filled explosive review tonight at 10pm EST! #ScreamingFirehawks #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

Avenging Force – Bad Movie Watch & Review!!! I Cannon Films I VHS I Pentangle

Thank you for getting us to 600 subscribers by the end of 2020. As a special reward, we are showing a movie we already reviewed, but never watched live! The origin story of Pentangle…sort of… We will also be doing some trivia with prizes! So tune in Friday at 8:30pm EST, don’t miss out! #AvengingForce #CannonFilms

The Expanse Season 5 – “Tribes” – Spoiler Review I The Expanse Reaction

Bobby, and Alex pull a thing, and we can’t wait to talk about it!!! Join us at 10pm EST after you watch the episode “Tribes” of course! #TheExpanse #TheExpanseSeason5 #AmazonPrime

That’s right, Bobby is back in the suit!!!

Wonder Woman 1984 Review I Wonder Woman 1984 Reaction I DCEU I DCU I Maxwell Lord

It’s 2021, and time to get back to work. The first will be a live review of this wonder of a movie starring Gal Gadot, and magic, lots of magic! Join us live at 10pm EST as we try to analyze how this got made! #WonderWoman1984 #WW84 #WonderWoman1984Review