Day: December 8, 2020

The Expanse – Season 1 Review (feat Nik Uttam from The World Class Bullshitters) I The Expanse Scene

Nik and I geek out about The Expanse, and give you compelling reasons to hurry and catch up before Season 5 debuts! #TheExpanse #AmazonPrime

Did WB and HBO REALLY kill cinema? I Wonder Woman 1984 HBO Max I The Matrix 4 I DCEU I Space Jam 2

Warner Bros announcement that it will be dumping it’s entire 2021 lineup onto HBO Max, while simultaneously releasing in open theaters seems to be a hot button as of late. Tonight we will discuss the pros and cons of this “temporary” business venture. Is it REALLY the end of cinema as we know it? Join us, and some special guests for a live panel discussion at 10pm EST. Join us, and be a part of the discussion. There will be no wrong answers, only opinions. #WarnerBRos #HBOMax