As the world has had to adapt to the global pandemic in 2020, one of the last hold outs is Hollywood. Mostly the studios who made movies in 2019, are refusing to release movies to reduced capacity or streaming services. These same studios are asking for bailout money, and continue to advertise products to us that we can’t consume. Nobody wants movie theaters to die, but essentially they are already dead, and the studios refuse to adapt to a different business model, thus holding these movie captive, or endlessly delaying release dates. As a result, the box office is a disaster, and even movie theater stocks are continuing to hit rock bottom with each delay. Do these studios REALLY thing that this problem will just go away in a few months? Directors, and actors are starting to speak out including us. Join the professor Flayer X, and I tonight at 10pm (EST), as we discuss this alarming problem. We will also discuss our concerns about Bad Robot as they attempt to murder the LOTR timeline! #HollywoodOnFire

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