Month: September 2020


You have now seen the trailer. What is everyone saying about it? During this live stream we will discuss our expectations, casting choices, casting suggestions, as well as answer any questions you may have! The spice must flow!!! #Dune2020 #DuneMovie


This is the one that started them all! We have never watched the Andy Sidaris collection in order so why start now? It is now a tradition to watch a bad movie with our audience on Friday nights, with our audience and then condemn the movie to judgement! Think of it as “game night”! Watch the movie with us, score it, bring your own snacks. Andy Sidaris Progressive!!! #MalibuExpress #AndySidarisMovies


This will be the first of my new live stream on Monday nights! My co-host Flayer X, and I will be diving into our expectations for Wednesday’s Dune 2020 official trailer, franchise potential, movie vs miniseries, as well as commentary on what we have seen so far! Our special guests include Nerdy Blurb TV who has seen the teaser trailer at Tenet over the weekend, as well as Pete from The Place To Be Reviews! Come chat with us, ask questions, make fun of us, anything! Let’s get hype together! #Dune2020 #DuneTrailer

Alex’s Birthday Bash – Lady Dragon – The Machine Girl- Double Feature!!!

It is now tradition that when one of our shows falls near one of the Raider’s birthday’s they must choose a double feature of movies that can be watched together with our audience. Tonight is all about Alex, and our fans! We return to the world of channel heroine Cynthia Rothrock starring in “Lady Dragon”, followed by the splatterhouse/grindhouse classic “The Machine Girl” (make sure you ate your dinner before this one). Watch the movies with us, and vote for who get’s tipsy first! #LadyDragon #CynthiaRothrock #TheMachineGirl

Lady Dragon:

The Machine Girl: