LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 5, and 6 Review!!!

Last week, of this season, we had everyone on the same team. One episode we all liked, and one that we all hated. Will this week be the same? Or a split decision? This season is full of surprises and so are we! Join Phoenix, Frank, Jansen and Adam as they record a podcast review for season 2 of The Twilight Zone 2019.

#TheTwilightZone #TheTwilightZone2019

Tonight’s episodes: Episode 5: “Among The Untrodden” Episode 6: “8”

Loitering In Wonderland: @LIWtheTZReview

Raiders of the Lost Flicks: @Raiders_otlf

Red Dragon’s Radio:…

Shut up Frank…

(shut up frank T-shirts coming soon…maybe?)

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