Month: July 2020

Wolfcop – Raiders of the Lost Flicks Live!!!

So many bad movies never give you whats on the poster or the box. This one totally does. There is a werewolf wearing a cop uniform in this movie! Join Adam, Nik, Alex, and the triumphant return of Pete, and we watch, roast, and review this film live! Don’t forget to go to Raiders of the Lost Flicks .com to vote for your score!!! #WolfCop #BadMovies

LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 9, and 10 Review!!!

In this episode we review the final two episodes of season 2. Phoenix West, Frank Links, Jansen Carlin, and Adam Wilcox will either rip these episodes to shreds, or sing them praise. Or they might all die in the Twitter Zone! #TheTwilightZone

Loitering In Wonderland podcasts and other worthless junk:


Monday Night Going In Raw: Episode 111

No single release videos this week, but live streams will still be prominent. Fellow Raiders; Nik, Pete, and myself will be on Pete’s channel for some Monday Night Shenanigans at 8:30 pm (EST) !


After 2 weeks of family friendly entertainment, we have decided to bring back what you love best, which is boobs, bullets, and bikinis! This Andy Sidaris joint has at least 2 pairs of boobs in the first 12 minutes. The audience wants, what the audience wants! Join us live 7/24/2020 at 8:30pm as we watch, riff, and review this 1993 action film which stars Dona Speir, one of our favorite action heart throbs. As Alex says, this series is “progressive”! In this one an international arms dealer is out to retrieve a stolen nuclear relay hidden in a jae Buddah figurine. It’s up to the ladies of “L.E.T.H.A.L” (aka Molokai Cargo) to stop the bad guys.

#HardHunted #80sCheese

LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 7, and 8 Review!!!

Aliens, Small Towns, and 4 guys who seldom agree on anything. What do you get? Extraordinary entertainment! Join Phoenix, Frank, Jansen and Adam as they review episodes 7, and 8, of Jordan Peel’s Twitter Zone! #TwilightZone#TwilightZone2019

Loitering In Wonderland podcasts and other worthless junk: @LIWtheTZReview

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What is your score for Episode 208: “A Small Town”?


Who doesn’t love super hero movies? What about obscure Italian super hero cop movies from the 1980s featuring Ernest Borgnine? That’s right, Raiders of the Lost Flicks keeps it wierd and edgy? Watch the movie with us live, even score it on our online poll! Join us 7/17/20 at 10pm (EST)! #SuperFuzz#80sCheese


LIW Studios Presents: The Twilight Zone (2019) – Season 2 – Episodes 5, and 6 Review!!!

Last week, of this season, we had everyone on the same team. One episode we all liked, and one that we all hated. Will this week be the same? Or a split decision? This season is full of surprises and so are we! Join Phoenix, Frank, Jansen and Adam as they record a podcast review for season 2 of The Twilight Zone 2019.

#TheTwilightZone #TheTwilightZone2019

Tonight’s episodes: Episode 5: “Among The Untrodden” Episode 6: “8”

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Switchblade Sisters – Movie Review

20-30 year old “Teenagers” rule a high school with an iron fist. Everything goes beserk when a transfer student wants in the gang! #SwitchbladeSisters #70sExploitation


The ghost of Bruce Lee helps a random teenager to get laid. No, really! This Karate Kid Knock off focuses more on the fighting stuff, and training montages rather than pesky character developement. The rest of the movie is just a series of scenes that happen. Also it’s full of so much 80’s cheese, you might overdose! Jean Claud Van Damme shows up as a discount Ivan Drago. There is also a counterfit Bruce Lee in this movie, which is about as exciting as having an uncle that dresses up as a mall Santa at a family Christmas Party.

Watch the movie with us live with us, as we riff the crap out of it, then review it! We will let you chat with us, and even score the movie yourself! Raiders of the Lost Flicks live keeps the past alive!

#NoRetreatNoSurrender #80sCheese