Oh HAI YouTube!!! You’ve seen the Memes, you have heard the lines, and probably at least seen hundreds of reivews in your lifetime already. Have you actually watched with a group of friends? Raiders of the Lost Flicks is thrilled to have finally hit 500 subscibers, that is a HUGE milestone for us, and we want to celebrate it with our fans! We love you! And we will celebrate by watching one of the most hillariously bad movies ever made. 2003’s The Room, written, directed, produced, and starring Tommy Wisseau, and enigma to the human race! There will be no Tubi, or review this time, scoring the room is irrelavant! What you will have however is one guy acting like an idiot, and at least 3 people who will be getting very tipsy. Instead of having you vote on a movie, we will have you vote on which one of these Raiders passes out first! We won’t have a YouTube link for this one, but we promise you that Tommy Wiseau himself has a copy for sale! So bring your footballs, chocolates, and roses to watch this speciall “cheap cheap cheap” celebration of one of the best worst films ever made!!!

#TheRoom #TommyWiseau

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Trying to figure out what we did wrong. I would apologize if we even knew what we did. YouTube is very cryptic about these kind of things…

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