Month: January 2020


My thoughts on the new January horror movie Gretel & Hansel…

Why DO so many people defend Brie Larson?

Every time she is back in the news, old videos of mine start getting Brie defenders. Most of them get banned before I can even say anything. This video will probably get buried by the internet as well. The comments should be interesting…

Disney to Remake Bambi next…

Let’s kill Bambi’s mom again in glorious CG? Who’s lining up to see THIS?!

Further example of how detached and heartless this life sucking company is…

Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle of Death, and The Machine Girl live watch party!!!

We will be doing a live riff style watch party of these sexy classics tonight on YouTube. Special guest, Sal, from Two Cent Toys will return for this party!

For those unfamiliar with watch parties, you open the movie in another window, or another device, sync up with us, and watch, and interact with us during the movie! It’s easy, we will show you how to set it up. Just click on the link below, by 8:30 pm (EST), and bring some drinks and snacks!

Hamburger: The Motion Picture, Frankenhooker, and Velocipastor – Raiders of the Lost Flicks Live!

Welcome to January! Adam, Alex, and Pete discuss some bad movies they watched this week, featuring special guest Sal, from Two Cent Toys! Which movie was the most painful to watch?

Which of these movies do you think we found to be the most painful to watch?