Vote for your favorite Dark Fate Failure excuse!!!

The Dark Fate of a new Terminator movie was inevitable. How will they spin this one? Vote now in the poll below!

It is no secret that Terminator Dark Fate is failing. At the time of the post, there are no complete weekend box office totals, but I believe the Friday launch numbers were only about $10.62 million on a budget of $180 million. The movie could still find some success in the second week, but that is usually not how these things play out, and there is a very crowded schedule of movies coming this month, so that seems very unlikely,

A movie can never just fail because it is bad. There is always a number of excuses put forth by either the studio, or shill websites that cover the story. You never find the real answer until years later on a DVD commentary or something like that.

It will be interesting to see what the media comes up with this week as possible excuses for this movie’s failure. Why not vote on our poll and see if this ends up the way we think it will!

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