Day: March 19, 2019


Your negative opinion makes you a troll!

by Adam M. Wilcox

Have you ever stopped and wondered what your friends think about you? What you don’t like the same video games, and anime that they like? What if they don’t like the same things you like? Do you say anything? Do you go about your merry way and continue? I mean you all seem to basically like all the same stuff, and when you ride in the car everything is great, and everything is awesome right? So one day they keep talking about that one thing you can’t stand, and you can’t stand that thing to the point where it might even keep you up at nights. Finally you mention that you are not all that crazy about that one anime, or video game, movie or TV show. There is an awkward silence. Then one your friends ask you why you don’t like that thing. The other friends join in, and then they sort of put you on trial. The inquisition may last for hours, or maybe even days. Eventually, you all mutually agree to let it go. Until the next anime, TV show, movie, or video game comes up, and one your friends says “well, I love Gundam Wing, but you probably hate it, and will just shit all over it.” Maybe you do love that thing, maybe you don’t. Based on your online response time, you have now gone from being one of the gang, to being a hater. If you feel the need to defend yourself on social media, than you are definitely a hater!

Eventually, your friends stop inviting you to parties. They start making excuses for not coming over for dinner. Maybe they even stop returning your phone calls. Do you REALLY hate this movie? Maybe you watch it again, and you still can’t stand it. Which is the lesser of two evils? Do you lie about a thing you hate just to keep your friends? Maybe you are the one guy in the group who can’t see the sailboat in the magic puzzle. Yes, that was a Mallrats reference.

Scene from Mallrats (1995)

Maybe you leave a bad review on a review aggregate. Maybe you start a blog. Eventually you find some other people that also don’t like that movie. Congratulations for forming your own opinions, but now you are a troll. That’s it. It’s that simple. Don’t like a thing? You are a troll.

A giant company like Disney could never make a bad movie. They spent the money, and everyone showed up to work. Eventually production wrapped, the special effects are completed, and it’s released on the silver screen. It is perfect, simply because it exists.

Bow to the mouse.

Your parents maybe have grown up in a generation where the customer was always right. Now you live a world where you should buy a product because the manufacturer says it’s good for you. Any resistance to said product is considered trollish behavior.

The manufacturers of these inferior products were most likely raised in a bubble. They were given participation awards. They were never challenged, so they have to invent a struggle to champion. Any challenge or question about the struggle they fight, or any negative criticism is trolling.

Manufacturers can now blame a mythical race of beings known as trolls for any negative criticism of any product what so ever. There is a series of built in pre programmed responses for every single product that can be criticized. Didn’t like the script? One of the actors was black; you must be a racist troll. Didn’t like the story, or the writing? The movie written, and directed by a woman, and stars a woman, so now you are a misogynist troll. Don’t want to see the movie because you don’t like the actor? Want to tell other people why? You are a troll! Don’t want to see a movie because Disney has decided that seeing a movie based on a comic book is now a historic bookmark in history, even if it did something that has already been done a few years earlier? You are a troll.

The manufacturers of industry and the internet have collectively named the enemy of the pop culture war as trolls. You never actually see them, but according to the shill media, they are apparently everywhere, waiting to rob you of virtue. The war on trolls has gotten so far out of hand, that regressive left extremists have gone so far as to actually suggest, that the government of all people are needed to combat the trolls.

Brianna Wu tries to crawl back into the spotlight by calling for legislation for…negative reviews of a movie…

The internet have already started, by removing key aggregate features, as well as most negative reviews under the guise of combating alleged trolls. 50,000 reviews were mysteriously composed by 50,000 mythical trolls. And then they celebrate censorship as if it is some sort of victory. As if freedom of speech was never worth fighting for. The same people that say if you complain about the president online you are a troll, and if you defend the president, your still a troll, but they give you a special red hat. And of you are a troll, you may as well where that red hat anyways.

What really gets under my skin however is when these troll bashing extremists infiltrate a franchise they know nothing about. Rearrange the DNA of said franchise, and replace entertaining stories with woke political ideology. As if replacing great stories with identity politics is good for those who didn’t care about in the first place, but the manufacturers of this woke ideology have decided that this is better than stories because they think changing a thing into something completely different is somehow supposed to be progressive. Then when fans that have been around for years show any resistance to this change, they are a special kind of troll organization referred to as toxic fandom.

These extreme troll hunters are not capable of creating their own thing ever, so they climb a hill that has already been built on the backs of these so called toxic fandom’s, and brag about this achievement. All who resist must definitely be trolls. Imagine if s rich vegan bought a popular fast food burger chain. This vegan person is convinced that his or her lifestyle is healthy, and decides to replace all of the hamburgers with kale. Vegans don’t go to this franchise, because they already have their own favorite places. Burger lovers stop showing up because they are not interested in the vegan lifestyle. Now the franchise is hemorrhaging money. Do they blame the burger lovers for not wanting to eat healthy? No they blame toxic fandoms of trolls for not wanting to convert to veganism.

Everyday there is a new hit piece on how an old holiday classic or beloved children’s’s cartoon has been deemed problematic, because it was written years ago in a less hypersensitive society than this one.

Even more offensive, is that I recently read an article defending Captain Marvel’s mediocre reviews as a form of progressiveness. In this feminist article, she blames society for having unrealistic standards for a female lead franchise. And no mention whatsoever that Disney built up Captain Marvel as the single most important thing that ever happened in human history. Unrealistic expectations indeed! As if having a female lead in a super hero movie is enough to award a full five star rating. And many shill media did exactly that, for fear of being looked at funny by their friends. Fear of not being invited back to their parties. Fear of not being called back. Fear of being labeled a troll.

If you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who were mysteriously labeled as a troll over night, there is no need to panic. Trolls can have friends. Trolls even have feelings too. We get sad when we watch our favorite characters get killed off, so they can make room for characters that feel like Poochie from The Simpson’s TV Show.  We can go to our own parties. We can complain about a movie, because we are smart enough to know that no matter how hard you try, burying your art behind politics does not make it critic proof. And even though all our escapist entertainment has been replaced with political ideology, we still have about a century’s worth of movies, and TV shows that were written and made during times when customer satisfaction was more important than some actress in a movie that likes to use her award acceptance speech to break down the ratio of white male film critics.

My best advice is stop consuming this woke entertainment. Cut the cord. Stay home; buy a big TV, and lots of Blu-rays. Because once they’ve finished re-coding the DNA of all of pop culture, they will begin to re-write history to fit this narrative, and none of your favorite entertainment is safe from this crap. Everything will be censored and rewritten until everything is safe, and bland, and boring. Or maybe this silly trend will eventually end, and we can laugh about it.

Of course I would warn all of you about this stuff, but I will eventually be censored for having an opinion. After all, I am a troll.