Day: March 18, 2019

Alita: Battle Angel

by Brian Smith

Yup I’m getting to show a bit this week. Another review.

Alita: Battle Angel, the movie we didn’t know we wanted.

So there’s a lot of actors in this movie I’m not familiar with but that didn’t stop this movie from performing one bit.
This is an anime brought to life and done awesome, from the CG to the action. The characters were good and acting was phenomenal with one exception, the beautiful Jennifer Connelly. She was dry and it was really hard to pin point how her character was feeling or what drove her motive. She felt like an odd backdrop with no definitive role. This falls into the lackluster story that had me very confused more than once and seemed to change as went but never explains a lot all. It has flashback memory scenes for the all the good that does and a villain we never understand. From his motives to his story we have no clue what drives him, we aren’t even given a hint. I’m really hoping this is setting up for a trilogy and will actually explain something in the next movie because if it doesn’t the movie failed at doing its primary job, storytelling. The things it did right were done superb, the special effects were amazing, the acting was more than impressive and the action was great. This movie had more heart than other movies recently released that shall remain nameless. This movie over all was a real life anime action movie that was very impressively done. It’s a huge challenge to successfully bring an anime style movie to life as Ghost in a shell failed miserably. The story fell way short but if sequels are in the future then I understand why this was done. Overall I liked it, not the best movie this year but the best I’ve seen so far 8/10