by Brian Smith

So Venom is my favorite Marvel character and I say character not hero for a reason. That said I attempted to go and see this with mild expectations. Tom Hardy does well as this version of Eddy Brock and the supporting cast was equally on point.

The relationship between Venom and Brock was priceless. The comedy in this movie was great and not too over the top. I thought the movie started slow as if it wanted to build characters but it felt dry and wasted. When the action picks up it almost doesn’t stop and it’s done well. The CG could have been better but if it’s that’s my biggest complaint, it’s safe to say it’s one of few. I have been cursed with the last 3 movies I have seen to become confused by one scene and this is no exception. I’m not about spoilers so at this time I wont say what scene but it’s involves the story.

I also felt the trailers really pointed us in a direction the movie didn’t go so I was disappointed with that. All in all I loved this movie and will be back in the theater to see it again and buy it digitally 9/10 for me!

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