by Brian Smith

When I review a movie I do a 1-10 system I just want to break this down. I have a high and low for 1-6
1-2 Trash not even worth watching the trailer
3-4 Honestly still not worth the time 
5-6 Terribly done and angers me the movie had higher expectations and failed every way
7-Liked the movie just not worth going back to see or buying it digital maybe watch it twice.
8-Liked the movie done well might go back might buy it digital.
9-Loved the movie might go back buying it digital.
10- Absolutely loved the movie going back buying it digital!

But enough of that…

My spoiler free review:

After procrastinating and debating if this movie was worth my time I decided to go on discount day. This movie starts out running and doesn’t stop. I went in with low to no expectations and to my surprise,I was excited to watch it after the first 15 minutes. Overall story is decent but questionable while it pays tribute to the original movie in many ways. The comedy was appropriate and not too over the top. There was one aspect about this movie that annoyed me to no end because I feel it was lazy writing. Overall I’d give this movie a 7/10 it was good I liked it, but not enough to go back and see it or buy it digital. If I watch this next time, it will be on cable TV.

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