by Dionisio Traverso Jr.

Wow. Where was I when this came out in 2013? Ryuhei Kitamura serves up another brutal gorefest with enough unexpected twists to keep things interesting. A seemingly wealthy, but strange, couple get ambushed and kidnapped by Flynn, a member of a burglary team looking to make up for losses caused by his botching of the team’s last job. Leaving the couple with another team member (played by Brotus Clay, a former WWE wrestler, thus probably the reason this is a WWE Studios co-production), Flynn takes their car back to their headquarters, the house of the team leader Hoag, where he pops the trunk and discovers that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Way more, when you put this together with the pre-credits scenes of a woman being stalked and captured by a mysterious someone in the woods. From here, it’s bad guys versus worst guy, with disturbing side trips into the psyche of a psychopath. Relentless and well done, this nihilistic thriller won’t be everyone’s cup of blood, but it was mine. 4 out of 5 VCR tapes


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