by Alan Kissick

So through boredom last night I revisited this movie. 
It has been at least 20 years since I last watched it.

It is a weak effort of a movie. The camera work and even film stock are of low quality, with exception of some of the under water footage. The water skiing chase is an example of some good work. 
The shark looks fake as hell. Just poorly made. In one scene, when the shark runs upside a boat, it’s head distorts like a rubber mask.

There is a lack of a decent kill ratio. Big rule of horror sequels, up the kill ratio. The shark spends more time just bothering people.

Most of the budget seems to have been spent on the helicopter, if you note due to budget restraints the pilot is missing part of his beard. 
Even the final battle of shark v Roy Schneider is boring and predictable. It was set up early in the movie, so when you see the cable again you know what’s coming. Also the semi ambiguous ending, did shark die? Is shark immortal.

And how the fuck did the kids not smell the rotting carcass of the orca that was less than 100 feet away from where they were. Seriously that shit stinks..

For all its faults, it is watchable, Unlike some sequels. It has aged poorly and become unintentionally funny. It may be another 20 years before I revisit it, but I know I can sit through it all..


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