IT (2017)

by Adam Wilcox

I’m 43, so I grew up in the same time period this movie takes place, and in spots I felt like I was there. At times it felt like this movie was made for me.

I absolutely love these kids. If your a fan of Stand By Me, you know what your in for. This movie uses its R rating rather smartly. The language is for comic relief which gives you breathing room. Fin Wolfhard as Richie made me legit laugh out loud. And the gore is just enough to punctuate the terror. 
This movie is shot and looks like it’s budget is way bigger than it is. The director has an obvious love for the story and it shows. This makes me both happy and angry. Happy that this director has talent, and figured out how to make a good movie with a modest budget. Angry that most low budget movies suck as much as a lot of the bloated blockbuster failures of the past couple summers. *coughs*THE MUMMY*coughs*
The music was really great. Mostly piano arrangements, with a few songs, though I personally would have preferred if it exploited the time period a bit more.
Everybody has already said what needs to be said about Pennywise. It is creepy and mysterious as much as it is endearing. The focus is on the bond of friendship, and it hit me right in the feels.
I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first normal thing I’ve been able to do in weeks, but I really enjoyed this movie a lot, and I cannot wait for more movies like this. The fact that it did well this past weekend makes me happy because we will get a big chapter two with hopefully a big enough budget to get some good actors to play the adult versions of these kids. Also that maybe studios will stop throwing money at stupid event movies, and trying to make stupid cinematic universes. Remake or not this was a good damn movie. THIS is how you make a GOOD remake, take something sub par, and make it better. I had a great time with this one! 4 out of 5 cheese curds.

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