by Dionisio Traverso Jr.

Weird, Italian made hybrid of The Terminator and Over The Top. A cyborg is programmed to assassinate a blind environmentalist, but at the last moment his programming breaks and he pulls his death punch, only wounding the old man. He goes on the run to Arizona, where he originally came from, and hides out at a no-tell motel owned by a young woman. The place turns out to be a mecca for arm wrestlers, with the pictures of the past and present champions hanging on the walls. Paco the Terminator runs afoul of the second place arm wrestler (George Eastman! He came from the east to…wait, that’s a different movie), and ends up a major contender for the championship! Meanwhile, he’s being pursued by the FBI and the evil industrialist (John Saxon!) who had programmed and sent him on the mission in the first place. Think that was weird to write? Just imagine watching it. So much cheesy craziness. I loved it. Catch it on Amazon Prime if you dare.

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