Captain Marvel

by Brian Smith

Review time. I’m going to make this spoiler free short and not so sweet.
I wanted this movie to be good despite it’s annoying lead Brie Larson. She had a shit eating grin on her face though the whole movie and was very robotic. Samuel Jackson reprises his role as Nick Fury but more like his weak ass brother Mick Delight. This character seemed liked a completely different person for no good reason. It’s like if we take Freddy Kruger and make his younger self an award winning daycare teacher who loves children, it makes 0 sense. Then there is a part of this movie that isn’t explained and doesn’t try to, so just accept it. The soundtrack wasn’t as bad as Aquamans but there was one big fight scene with the song “I’m just a girl” by No doubt that left me scratching my head. I was really hoping this would have something to do with Avengers a little more and it fell flat with that too. With bad acting and basic storytelling its absolutely the weakest Marvel movie to date and (God bless his soul) they couldn’t even do a good Stan Lee Cameo in a movie dedicated to him. This movie was NOT the worst I’ve seen but extremely disappointing. A 4/10

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