by Arnór Hermannsson Wikström

Let’s talk about Alien: Covenant. 
Ridley Scott wanted to make another non-Alien Alien movie, but instead made a movie that’s an Alien movie for a little bit. 
Ridley knows that fans watch trailers and promotional materials, but seems to forget that you shouldn’t have to before watching a film, because the film should be able to stand on its own. 
One of the scenes that made the original Alien film so great was the “last supper” scene, where all the characters are properly introduced. 
The body count in Alien is not very high, but you feel every death, because you know and care for the characters. 
A similar scene was shot for Covenant, but only used in promotion. So you have to watch the trailers to fully enjoy the film. 
This is similar to how Prometheus was made, with brilliant scenes shot for promotion, but omitted from the film. 
One such scene stars Guy Pearce, looking like his regular self, and you had to have seen that trailer to understand why Guy Pearce shows up in Prometheus in heavy old guy makeup, instead of an actual old actor. 
Covenant is a better film than Prometheus, in that it’s more streamlined and doesn’t suffer from Damon Lindelof’s randomization syndrome, making it a sleeker film. 
But at the same time, it feels lackluster compared to Prometheus, and it doesn’t really deliver an actual Alien film until the third act, and even then it feels like you’re just watching a passable fan made short. 
There are so many great things going on in this film, but at the same time there’s too much of everything. 
Ridley Scott has delved too deep into the Alien Mythos, and seems determined to void the franchise of any mystery, which kind of shows that he has no idea what made the original great. 
All things considered, I still think it’s an improvement after Prometheus. I enjoy the memory of Alien: Covenant more than I enjoyed actually watching it. Unlike Prometheus, a film I’d rather forget. 
I can’t wait for Scott to finish his behemoth Alien project so that the franchise can be handed over to a younger more visionary director. 
One of the things that makes the original Quadrology so fun to watch is all the different takes, and Scott has already gotten away with too many Alien movies.

Though, to be fair, one of his Alien movies is arguably the best one.

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